Vend ♥ Shopify: An easy way to run an online & real world store

Customers may have noticed a new button has appeared in their Vend setup pages. This is the result of months of hard work on the part of our team, developing, testing and fine tuning an integration between Vend web based point of sale software, and, the internet’s most popular hosted ecommerce platform.

But if you strip back all the confusing jargon that tech heads like us are guilty of overusing – phrases like ‘seamless integration’, and ‘SME cloud solutions’ – what does this actually mean for you, the retailer?

Well, we at Vend like to think it’s all about making your life easier, and your business more productive.

You probably already know you should be trading online. You might have been thinking about it for years. Or maybe you’re an early adopter, and have invested over last decade the GDP of a small country, and nearly as many man hours, trying to merge a complicated, confusing eCommerce system with your day to day retail store.

We believe Vend + Shopify is a game changer.  Here’s why…

When you update your stock in Vend, either by selling products in your bricks and mortar store, or by receiving new stock from a supplier, your Shopify inventory is updated instantly.

Likewise when you sell products on your Shopify store, your inventory and sales history is updated directly in Vend meaning you have instant visibility on how both your online and physical stores are doing in real-time.

Editing and adding products is a breeze, you can add a new product in Vend and it be made immediately available in your Shopify store.  Want to change a price of an existing product?  As soon as you make the change in Vend, it updates the online price too.  Instantly.

On a personal note, coming from a background in both retail and tech as I do, I genuinely feel this represents a solution to one of the biggest obstacles retailers have faced to trading online, since before most of us even knew it was called e-commerce. ^Nick

But it doesn’t end with Shopify. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Already Vend integrates with Xero, one of the world’s easiest accounting system, and our friends at Webfit are putting the finishing touches on a Vend plugin for Magento. Around the same time we hope to release our API, opening up Vend to just about any clever web solution you can imagine.

And believe me, we’ve been imagining a bunch of them already.

It’s just these sorts of possibilities that make Vend such an exciting product. (Who’d have thought, two years ago, that ‘point of sale’ and ‘exciting’ could be used in the same sentence?!)

But, again, what does this all really mean?

For us, the team behind Vend, it means we get to focus on building the an easy to use, elegant, point of sale software on the market, and leave all that other stuff – ecommerce, accounting, mobile payments etc – to the experts. By integrating with excellent partners, we are able to concentrate on our core product, but still offer our customers a full range of ‘business solutions’ (there’s the buzzwords again), who in turn have the luxury of selecting and paying only for what they actually need.

But ultimately, for you, the business owner, we hope this means less time spent in the back office, less money wasted on software you don’t or can’t use, and more energy redirected back into running your store.

Because at Vend, we’re serious about putting the fun back into retail.

The Vend Team

Watch the video below or visit our website to find out how easy it is to connect Vend to Shopify.

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