Vend, Shopify & Xero: helping a new breed of retailers bloom

As giant retailers struggle to survive in the latest wave of the global financial crisis, in the busy build-up to Christmas, a new breed of small, boutique and artisan retailers is thriving. 

Retailers such as Taylor Stitch, a tailored clothing company based out of San Francisco.

Taylor Stitch were able to quickly set up a sophisticated retail operation, one which works both online and offline, and runs on any laptop, tablet, or even just a phone. And they were able do it without the large initial investment in hardware and software such a system used to demand, or the ongoing hassles of ownership.


At Vend point of sale, we’re proud to be part of their story.

We’ve worked closely with Shopify ecommerce and Xero online accounting to develop a set of business tools that integrate seamlessly, ‘in the cloud’, synchronising sales, customer and inventory data in real time, and letting retailers like Taylor Stitch get on with what they do best: selling stuff. 

To see small businesses doing so well in the face of such uncertain global economic times is an inspiring story.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video profile on Taylor Stitch, and find out more at

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