Vend and Square — now bringing seamless payments to sophisticated retailers

We’re thrilled to announce that the Vend and Square integration is now available and ready for US-based retailers to use.

Square is a popular payments provider for small business, allowing stores to accept magstripe, chip cards, and NFC payments such as Apple Pay. They can deposit money instantly, and use analytics to view sales trends and boost business performance.

The integration will enable retailers with complex operations or multiple locations, who use Vend’s sophisticated inventory and retail management, to process payments seamlessly with Square. Sales flow directly from their POS to the Square Reader, allowing retailers to run their business more easily and accurately — while giving shoppers a checkout experience they love.

“Vend and Square is the easiest, fastest, and most hassle-free payments integration we’ve tried,” says Michael Nagdimunov of Grain & Vine. “The processing speed and ease of reconciling mean we’re spending more time helping our customers find the perfect bottle of wine. Plus, we’re saving at least $1000 a year. Switch! It’s a no-brainer.” 

With Vend and Square, it’s easy for retailers to sell more of their profitable products, easily manage multiple stores and channels, and accept every way their customers want to pay — whether that’s out on the shop floor, or in a pop-up store. They can even accept payments while the internet is down.

Because Square is PCI compliant, covers chargebacks, and uses complex monitoring to stop fraud before it happens it gives retailers that much-needed peace of mind too. With competitive pricing, and fund deposits going straight to bank accounts within 1 to 2 business days, there’s a lot for retailers to gain.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-11-59-21-amKelly Barker of PREP Cosmetics is loving the integration. “Let me count the ways! With Vend POS we’re able to manage inventory, grow our customer database, offer loyalty and truly build relationships with repeat customers whether we’re in-store or selling at events.”

“Using Square payments, I’m saving $500 and 4 hours admin a month. But it’s more than just the time and money — we offer the most beautiful customer experience while knowing the technology just works!”

The integration is now available to US-based retailers. If you’re a Vend customer and want to get more information or sign up, visit:

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Ashley looks after product marketing at Vend — working hard to bring exciting product launches to retailers around the globe. When she’s not busy talking all-things-Vend, Ashley also has a love of tea, candle-crafting, binge-watching, and hiking the pointy peaks of New Zealand.

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