Vend and Square join forces to provide advanced retailers with world-class payments


We’re pleased to announce that Vend will soon integrate with one of the world’s leading payments providers, Square.

Square is a popular payments provider for small business as it allows stores to take magstripe, chip cards and NFC payments such as Apple Pay, deposit money instantly, and use analytics to view sales trends and enhance their business performance.

The integration will enable US-based advanced retailers or those with multiple locations or more complex operations, who use Vend’s sophisticated inventory and retail management, to process payments with Square. With this integration retailers will be able to run their business more easily and accurately, while giving shoppers a check-out experience they love.

“Square is a perfect partner for us, with our shared focus on creating a beautiful in-store customer experience. It’s just a great match, and we’re excited to be working together to allow advanced and multi-location retailers to use Square,” said Alex Fala, CEO of Vend.

“We love Vend and we love Square,” says John Waltman, Co-Founder at US-based boutique Katie Waltman. “Vend makes it simple to print barcodes and manage complicated inventory at multiple locations. We’ve used Square for processing in addition to Vend’s point of sale, because it’s easy to learn and train, and it’s reliable. Together, they offer what we’re looking for in a POS/payment processing system and we’re looking forward to the integration.”

This integration also highlights the growing importance of choice and flexibility for retail businesses in the technology they use. Having access to purposefully-selected, world-leading business apps which link together means retailers can choose the best tools for their business and their growth.

“Square is teaming up with best-in-class partners to provide the best experience for sellers. Vend is a great product and this partnership will give more sellers access to payments and financial services to reinvest in their business,” said Francoise Brougher, Business Lead at Square.

The integration will be available to US-based customers in the coming weeks. If you’re a Vend customer and want more information, or to go on the waiting list for updates and exclusive offers related to the integration, visit:

About Kate Webby

Kate is the guardian of communications at Vend. Her love of retail began with ice cream (selling it at music festivals), jewellery (selling it in department stores), and badly made coffee (serving it in cafes). Having lived and worked for technology companies across the oceans, Kate loves sharing Vend's story and the success of its amazing customers around the world.