Vend support moving to Zendesk

We wish to advise our customers that we will shortly be moving all our online support services, currently hosted at, to Zendesk, the leading hosted support platform. The new support centre will be hosted at

Our change of support platform times with the release of a major product update to Vend, so we can begin 2012 not only with a shiny new point-of-sale app, but with an awesome new helpdesk too!

Zendesk comes packed with a host of cool features and integrations to enable us to provide our customers with the highest level of product support and community engagement possible.

“What do I need to do?”

Nothing 🙂

Our existing product knowledgebase will be available on the new platform, and the current helpdesk will remain live (in a reduced capacity) for a couple of months after switchover. Any outstanding help tickets and customer history on the current platform will still be available and attended to, but after switchover, any new support enquiries, tickets, emails and public forum posts will automatically be directed to Zendesk.

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