Vend to launch mobile wallet

With all the major players falling over themselves to become the mobile digital wallet of choice among smart consumers and retailers, how does a small point-of-sale startup from New Zealand beat them all to market, with a cutting edge product of its own?

Simple. Ingenuity, a ‘can do’ attitude, and a few pieces of industrial strength packaging tape.

So it is with great excitement that Vend wishes to announce that this Sunday, April 1st, we will be launching the Vend Mobile Wallet

All your payments, credit cards, receipts and contacts together, in one place, as nature intended.

Be the envy of your discerning, gadget-snob friends, with this game-changing piece of technology.

Killer Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with the Vend MK1 hardware point of sale
  • Stores your entire life in one convenient, easy-to-lose location
  • Pay by cash, credit, text message, or that old bus ticket you forget to throw away
  • Synchronize contacts and calendars with your Filofax
  • Ergonomic design – fits most standard sized-sized ‘dad jeans’ pockets
  • Each unit is hand-made from recycled materials – you’re as good as replanting a rain-forest just by owning one

We still have 2 days to cram in a whole lot more crap features, so add your requests in the comments below. We will be including EVERY crazy, crowd-sourced idea.

Because everyone knows that’s how you design a truly great product!

About Nick Houldsworth

Chief Marketing Officer at Vend. Husband. Father of three. Beard grower. Mandolin player. Tuesday drinker. Love helping retailers the world over grow great businesses.