Vender of the Week: Adrenalin Forest

Who: Adrenalin Forest

Where: Tauranga/Christchurch/Wellington, NZ

What: With three locations in New Zealand, Adrenalin Forest’s high-rope courses means kiwis can fly. People kiwis, that is. Not bird ones.

With flying foxes, Indiana jumps, and monkey bridges, Adrenalin Forest is suitable for all ages and abilities. The concept is challenge by choice; everyone starts at the same level. Where you end up, however, is down to you.

Love your Customer: We really really really really want to go to there. Really really. Team building here we come!

Love your POS: “I love Vend because, being always on the move, it allows me to know at all times, from anywhere, what’s happening in each park. I can see the figures in real time from home and have no need for daily reports from each park to get the daily figures… The set up is easy, we can add new products, new buttons when needed, and everybody can do it without spending hours in a dodgy manual.” -Adrenalin Forest

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