Vender of the Week: Back from the Future

Who: Back from the Future

Where: Dublin, Ireland

What: With a state of the art computer repair studio (aka the LaptopLab) and dedicated online and in-house retail, Back from the Future has Dublin’s every  technology need sussed. Colin Baker and his team are dedicated to the best value and service, and their integrity is paying off as they open their 4th location. Congratulations, guys!

Love your customer: We’ll admit it. We’re a bunch of nerds. Unequivocal, shameless nerdy nerds. So we really love it when other technophiles use Vend – and get excited about it. The folks at BFTF are like “Whoa, Vend is rad!” and we’re all “Hey thanks guys! We’re way into it” and they’re like “Yeah, I know right?!!and then we virtually high five each other and we’re all stoked.

In fact, watch Colin talk about Vend on TV3 here.


Love your POS: We are a small and dynamic company of technology stores/repair labs in Ireland. We now have 3 locations and soon to be 4. Following 10 years in business we are somewhat experienced on both the technical side AND the rigours and pitfalls of business itself. Historically – till and point of sale systems have been expensive, cumbersome (and again for effect) expensive. They are never intuitive to use and appear to have been developed by a group of angry accountants.


Vend is to till systems as the first iPhone was to smartphones. It rewrites the rule book and is actually ENJOYABLE to use. I actually show it off to friends!!  – Colin Baker, Founder, Back from the Future

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Grace is a Marketing Assistant at Vend and helps make cool things happen behind the scenes. She enjoys talking to incredible Vend retailers from around the world and making the world a better place with her side projects. You can get in touch with Grace by email or connect with her on Google+.