Vender of the Week: Cycle Inn

Who: Cycle Inn

Where: Dublin, Ireland

What: Founded over 20 years ago, the Cycle Inn has steadfastly established itself as Dublin’s premier outlet for high-end road and mountain bikes. Why is no wonder; every employee at the Cycle Inn is a seasoned cyclist, with years of racing under his belt.

Love your customer: Passion speaks volumes. Whatever your line of work, a dose of enthusiasm fed by passion will always lend itself to your success. Or so we believe at Vend. We’re pretty sure we’re right, though. We see it in action all the time – particularly in this case!

Love your POS: “Every time there were problems with our previous POS we had to call out a specialist IT provider and costs were excessive. The POS system was nearing its end and was a €5,000 replacement.

Vend allows me to operate from a standard PC, switch out a PC if there are problems, add an additional station without a large capital investment, log in remotely, sell remotely and use on any operating system.” – Robert Tobin, The Cycle, Dublin

About Tara Benedict

A former retailer (and unabashed nerd) who daydreamed about integrated POS software, Tara now delightedly recruits, promotes, and enables Vend's wonderful channel of add-ons and partners. An ardent sharer of Vend news and events, connect with Tara on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the affable Vend team.