Vender of the Week: Fed By Threads

Who: Fed by Threads

Where: Arizona, USA

What: Fed by Thread founders have a deep belief in making a difference. Intensely committed to a specific way of life – helping the needy, reducing carbon footprints, and revitalizing USA-manufacturing – the Fed by Threads brand is a means to help their community realize this way of life as well. Their mission is to shake the fashion industry and have a blast to boot!

Love your customer: At Vend, we’re always on the lookout for innovations that add value to retail businesses. We knew right away the team at Fed by Threads was onto something remarkable. Feeding a small family while buying yourself a locally-made organic t-shirt is not a very difficult decision to make.

Love your POS:“Vend has been vital to our success. There really isn’t another way to describe it! We had zero experience in apparel and e-commerce, and quickly realized we needed a way to manage both our online inventory and our boutique’s offerings.

We can now process transactions and manage all aspects of our inventory from our Mac’s, our iphone’s, our ipads, and beyond! We are forever grateful to Vend for allowing us to spend more time focused on growing Fed By Threads and less time worrying about our POS/E-commerce platforms!” – Alok Appadurai, Founder, Fed by Threads


About Tara Benedict

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