Vender of the Week: Graffiti Beach


Who: Graffiti Beach

Where: San Diego, California

Why we love Graffiti Beach:

Graffiti Beach isn’t just a retail paradise for indie labels, it’s also a hub for those who’re passionate about art, fashion and music, to get together for inspiration. Not only do they have a kick-ass blog which supports and encourages conversation about local artists and local work, but they also hold regular events to help out fellow up-and-comings too. We think that’s pretty awesome sauce.

What do you love about your Vend POS?

“I did a lot of research when trying to choose the best POS system for Graffiti Beach. I knew when I launched the store I wanted to have a simple process to add products to my e-commerce site and the number one priority was that my inventory needed to sync up. Prior to opening Graffiti Beach I was a Marketing Director for a chain of boutiques and our biggest challenge was how time consuming and costly it was to manage the inventory on our e-commerce site, in our warehouse and in stores. So being able to do single entry per product and have the online store and Vend communicate with one another and actually take products offline as they sell in store is a MAJOR plus!”

Do you any advice for new retailers?

“Loads of advice but where to begin? I think the most important thing for new retailers is taking the time to gain clarity about their business. What I mean by this is that a business owner can get really wrapped up in the day to day hustle and bustle but the biggest mistake they can make is not taking the time to actually leave their store, relax and clearly write out the following: 1) What is their mission? 2) What are their long-term and short-term (this year) goals? 3) Who is their customer? 4) Where are their weak spots? 5) What are their strengths?

Honestly, this is such a simple thing but it is critical in order to be successful. You learn so much just in that first year that you have to go back and see if what you initially thought is still the same. For myself, I know who I thought my customer was ended up being different than what I originally expected. If I did not take the time to understand that I needed to adjust my buying selection to accommodate my customers, I would have taken a huge hit in sales.”

What advice would you give retailers new to Vend?

“Probably the biggest mistake I made initially was that I didn’t quite understand the barcode process. I thought that I had two options 1) to enter in the product by name to look it up or 2) scan a barcode. But each product has a unique identifiable code so you do not even need to have a barcode on the product (in my case this is important for jewellery), I can write the 5-digit code on a label or even in a binder next to a photo of it and I can keep this under the register.”

– Melanie Michaud, Owner, Graffiti Beach

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