Vender of the Week: La Portegna

Who: La Portegna

Where: Madrid, Spain

What: Creators of hand-crafted travel accessories inspired by a time when the world was vast and travel meant a journey. Grab your hand-woven Panama, a bamboo towel and your leather tote and let the world show you a thing or two.

Love your customer: La Portegna’s devotion to the creation of beautiful and functional wares is very close to our hearts here at Vend. We, too, feel there is nothing better than a finely-crafted product that makes everyone’s lives that much sweeter.

Love your POS: When I found Vend [I thought] how can I trust a software made by people on the other side of the world? What if these guys decide to leave me stranded? I downloaded the demo…and that was it…I was sold. All my fears vanished. The software is so logical and intuitive. The best bit is that any new sales assistant can learn Vend in 5 minutes.. It’s simply phenomenal!” – Jose Urrutia, La Portegna, Spain



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