Vender of the Week: Little and Friday

Who: Little and Friday

Where: Takapuna, NZ

What: Purveyors of delicacies and dainties that really are too pretty to eat, Little and Friday is a fixture on Auckland’s North Shore – and now Newmarket as well. It is a wonderful service they offer, producing enough donuts on any given day to satisfy all their slavering customers.

Love your customer: We are pleased as pie that Vend has optimized the time Little and Friday’s talented pastry chefs can spend on their artform. With the ease of reporting and reordering, they can focus on quality and quantity without resorting to guesswork. We plan on doing a very comprehensive case study of Little and Friday’s donuts business strategy.

Love your POS: “The best thing about vend is the reporting – like what time we sold out of donuts on any particular day – so we can make more and maximise on our sales. I have also been able to fine tune my staff bill as Vend gives me hour by hour sales reports and I now know when to bulk in on staff. And best of all? The iPad on the counter looks pretty cool…. no fuss… no clutter.”

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About Tara Benedict

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