Vender of the Week: Lucid Design + Bridge Street Collective

This week we had a chat with Galen King, founder of Lucid Design and Bridge Street Collective, about his innovative approach to space, business and Vend.

Their story is so remarkable we just had to (make Galen) tell it all.


by Galen King, founder of Lucid Design and Bridge Street Collective

The Bridge Street Collective

The Bridge Street Collective is a co-working studio, café and gallery space in the heart of Nelson City.

One of the largest members in the space is Lucid Design which has a team of six—five of whom are based here in the Collective. We established the Collective as we wanted to work in a fun, stimulating, shared environment amongst a bunch of other creative people – without needing to grow the team too big.

There are currently around 20 members in the collective and membership is made up of web and graphic designers, landscape architects, urban designers, architectural designers, writers, photographers, travel agents, non-profit organisations and more.

We don’t have a strict policy on the types of businesses we bring in as long as they are keen to share space and are fun, friendly and collaborative.

More than just a space, the Collective is a community and we are working hard to grow this side of the initiative with regular events, meetups etc.


The Cafe

Last year, we opened a café in the Collective. Right in our co-working studio, it is open to the public and is frequented by members, many regulars and business people. We are very fortunate to have a fantastic duo running the café and we have quickly earned a great reputation for fantastic coffee and cabinet food. Not to mention the space and the atmosphere!

We also have regular exhibitions showcasing local and national artists and are quickly earning a reputation for having a great, contemporary art space. We’ve had some fantastic exhibitions so far from artists as far away as Auckland. And we’re hoping to bring in some international artists this year too.


Love your POS (and its API)

We chose Vend as our point of sale platform from the beginning because we wanted something cloud-based that could run off an iPad.

The best thing about Vend is that the team can manage products, stock, prices etc from anywhere in the world as well as checking reports to see how we’re going.

Also, because Vend has an API, we thought it would be a fun side-project to build a big, beautiful, interactive menu board to display prices (and other stuff!) in the café. Our little app, Menuboard, was born out of this and is currently in closed beta. But we do intend to open it up to other users soon so are keen to hear from anyone who would like to use it.

The long-term goal is that pricing and availability can be synced with Vend and/or Shopify and we have many ideas for other “connected” services (including doing something cool when money is dropped in our wi-fi connected tip jar!).

If anyone is travelling through Nelson, they are welcome to visit us and spend a day in the Collective as our guest.

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