Vender of the Week: Mademoiselle M

Who: Mademoiselle M

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

What: Handmade in New Zealand, Mademoiselle M’s creations have an old-world charm. Which is no surprise, as their maker hales from France – and brings a lovely touch of Paris with her.

Love your customer: We’re always inspired when people choose to live their dreams. When these people are also our customers our excitement knows no bounds. The fact that we can play a part in anyone’s succes is what brings us to work day to day.

Love your POS: I was just about to finish my website when I realized that I had no way of tracking my sales and more over my stocks. I create handmade jewellery and use a lot of little composites. For this reason, it was just impossible for me to know how much of this stock of parts went out with each sale. Moreover, it would take me days each week to count each little part. I was really annoyed about this issue.

One day my friend told me about Vend. The following day, I signed up. It was exactly what I was looking for!! Most of the other Apps don’t provide the composites field. It is really easy to use and now I don’t have to worry about my stock. I can sleep well and let the sales come 😉 – Emma Politzer, Founder, Mademoiselle M

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