Vender of the week: OnePiece

Who: OnePiece

Where: Worldwide

What: It’s all in the name. (And no, it’s not swimwear.) OnePiece is taking the world by storm, ensuring every customer is cosy as can be in a, well, onesie. As fashion revolutions go, this is by FAR the best.

Love your customer: The onesie is not just for toddlers and lumberjacks anymore. And it’s not just for the comfort and privacy of your home. It’s for everyone, everywhere. A bit like cloud computing, don’t you think?

Love your POS: I chose Vend because of the simplicity and portability. I tried many different POS systems, from heavy Windows to lighter AirPOS – and they were either too cumbersome to use or missing essential features.

With Vend it’s easy to import, maintain and monitor sales, stock, orders etc. It’s brilliant for our use in stores, events etc and it makes it extremely easy to open another till register as it can be used on any computer, laptop or tablet.

And it can let me follow up and monitor sales in multiple outlets from my smartphone. 😉

Ole Fjelberg, One Piece London

About Tara Benedict

A former retailer (and unabashed nerd) who daydreamed about integrated POS software, Tara now delightedly recruits, promotes, and enables Vend's wonderful channel of add-ons and partners. An ardent sharer of Vend news and events, connect with Tara on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and never miss an opportunity to meet up with the affable Vend team.