Vender of the Week: Petal Cupcakes

Who: Petal Cupcakes

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

What: Petal Cupcakes has been raising the cupcake bar in Auckland for several years now. Their cupcakes come in a vivid range of colours, and a delicious range of flavours.

Love your Customer: One of our first-ever customers, we feel very attached to Petal Cupcakes. (And not only because their cupcakes are amazing and they’re just up the road.) We’ve both contributed to one another’s success over the past few years. So we’re allowed to get a bit sentimental.

Love your POS: Using Vend has let Petal easily expand our retail and wholesale sales information so that I can get real time figures on the business from wherever I am, it’s great. Vend’s beauty is in its simplicity. There’s no complicated maintenance and there are no expensive support contracts. It all just works, so we can get on with running our store. – Laurel Watson, Petal Cupcakes, NZ

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