Vender of the week: Quilted Thimble Cottage

Every week we post a quick profile of one of our many interesting customers worldwide.

Who: Quilted Thimble Cottage

Where: Belmont, North Carolina, USA

What: A family-owned and operated quilt shop, Quilted Thimble Cottage have been using Vend point of sale in their bricks and mortar shop since 2011, integrated into their Shopify online store.

Why Vend: An important part of running/owning a quilt shop is to setup in various regional quilt shows as a stall vendor. In the early days Quilted Thimble Cottage relied on carbon-paper receipt books that were then reconciled back in the brick and mortar on Monday mornings. With Vend, they can take their point of sale on the road, and cut out all that unnecessary paperwork!

“A wonderful combination of integration, inventory management, and portability. The best part is the customer support that Vend offers!” – David Thurston, Quilted Thimble Cottage


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