Vender of the Week: Rose and Thorne

Who: Rose & Thorne Design

Where: Auckland, NZ

What: Rose & Thorne is a new and wonderful Auckland-based lingerie design company. Like clothing, they say, lingerie should be both comfortable and fashionable. With a cosy boutique and fitting-studio – and widespread distribution through the Warehouse – Rose & Thorne is changing the way women think about lingerie.

Love your customer: There’s room for innovation in every industry – as we at Vend are only too aware. Rose and Thorne are shaping up an industry that has been sagging under hefty price tags and lack of supporting customer service for too long. They are lifting the bar on comfort, and molding new consumer expectations. The perks are many. (Puns? What puns?)

Love your POS: “Vend’s ease-of-use requires minimal training, which means we spend more of our time do-ing; which with a start up is definitely important. And for the moments when we can’t work it out ourselves, the support team is friendly and easy to deal with.” – Anya Merrifield, Rose & Thorne, NZ

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