Vender of the week: Shirt Studio Australia

Every week we post a quick profile of one of our many interesting point-of-sale customers worldwide.

Who: Shirt Studio

Where: Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Australia

What:  Shirt Studio is a retailer specialising in high level and corporate shirting for men and women.  With three brick & mortar stores and an online shop, the team have been in the retail business for 8 years, and in the corporate uniform market for 4.

Love your customer: Shirt Studio have been using Vend since early after we launched, and have provided us with invaluable feedback as our product and team has grown since then.

With a great brand, quality product, and three stores in the major cities of Australia, Vend is proud to have such a great, long standing customer as Fiona and the Shirt Studio team.

Love your POS: “The fact that there were no massive upfront software fees, it was an online system so we could operate it anywhere and have no down time, the ease of use and the friendliness of the guys behind the project..” – Fiona Anchal, Shirt Studio, Australia

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