Vender of the Week: Supergoods

Who: Supergoods

Where: Mechelen, Belgium 

Why we love our customer: Supergoods started running exactly one year ago. We (Tonny and Anne) decided to start a business with a clear focus on ecological and fairly produced products. For one, because there are not a lot of alternatives here in Belgium in this field, but secondly also to prove that eco-design and fair clothing are no longer something exotic, or for weirdos, or plain ugly. To the contrary, eco-design is cool and people who want to make sustainable dressing choices do not have to look like… well, er… yes, hippies. You can look just as good, or even better, and especially feel better in our clothes.

Why they love their POS: We decided to work with Vend from the very start. It is interesting budget wise but also practically. And people are amazed by the option to send the ticket via email, which is very much in line with the DNA of our business. To be able to operate Vend in the cloud from virtually anywhere with any computer, iPad or even iPhone if needed, makes it easy and also is such a small investment. It gets even more practical when you know it corresponds with our Shopify website stock-wise. That is also a huge plus for us. We have been so enthusiastic that two other shops in our street are now using Vend also! -Tonny, Supergoods.


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About Grace O'Hara

Grace is a Marketing Assistant at Vend and helps make cool things happen behind the scenes. She enjoys talking to incredible Vend retailers from around the world and making the world a better place with her side projects. You can get in touch with Grace by email or connect with her on Google+.