Vender of the Week: Swallow Coffee Traders

Who: Swallow Coffee Traders

Where: Rockdale, NSW, Australia

What: Serving delicious coffee that makes you take flight, the folks from Swallow Coffee Traders have perfected the art of coffee and the art of branding. A double entendre played out masterfully, the cafe is emblazoned with swallows that make you want to drink as much coffee as possible, then sprout some wings. (At least the first part is possible).

Love your customer: There is no one right way to establish a cafe. We LOVE coffee here at Vend, so we’re always excited to see the latest cafe incarnation. We like to think the manifold and distinct requirements of every cafe reflect upon Vend’s adaptability.

Love your POS: “We are an espresso bar next to a train station. We don’t have time or the space to worry about a slow, chunky till or an expensive POS system. We run an iPad, our menu using the Quick Keys and we get the customers in and out fast. Everyone comments on how ‘cool’ the system is, though for me, it works well, cost is minimal and doesn’t take up precious bench space.” -Angus Nicol, Swallow Coffee Traders, Australia

About Tara Benedict

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