Vender of the Week: The Cool Hunter

Who: The Cool Hunter Pop-Up Boutique

Where: Melbourne and Sydney

What: The Cool Hunter isn’t your conventional “Vender.” In fact, on most days The Cool Hunter isn’t a vendor at all. The Cool Hunter is a site devoted to bringing its readers the latest and greatest of, well, everything. They are a leading authority on all things creative, and a global hub for what’s cool, thoughtful, innovative and original.

Love your customer: Over the next few weeks, in addition to providing their readers with news of amazing things, the team from The Cool Hunter are providing the actual things.

If you’re in Melbourne this weekend, or Sydney next weekend, check out The Cool Hunter pop-up boutique, appropriately called The Cool House. You won’t be disappointed.

Love your POS: “The Cool House pop-up boutique needs a POS that’s easy to implement, easier to operate, and matches the design ethos. Vend is perfect for them.” – Peter Klein, SMB Consultants, Australia

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