Vender of the Week: The Guise Archives


Who: The Guise Archives

Where: Los Angeles, California

Why we love The Guise Archives:

Going on a sunny Californian inspired adventure? Fret not – The Guise Archives have got your eyes covered. Literally. Their range of fine, rare, vintage and unique eyewear is beyond awesome. Partners Benjamin and Blake carefully curate their culture of eyewear to make sure they deliver only the very best of designs. Californian adventure or not, their glasses are irresistible… but who could turn down the opportunity for adventure anyway?

Why The Guise Archives love their POS:

We opened up last spring with the mindset to bring a creative and collaborative approach to eyewear. My Partner, Benjamin Montoya, is an avid collector and designer, and we have numerous friends with brands that we wanted to work with. In order to be in many places at once we knew we needed an online system that would allow us to access the register and inventory from many sites, including trade shows and pop up events. Vend rose to the top not only because the pricing was great, but also because it is flexible and there are some great integrations with e-commerce platforms.

I think building the perfect POS system for every kind of business is an impossible task. Restaurants do things different from jewellery stores: the needs are totally different. I always liked the fact that Vend was excited, growing and eager to be perfect. There is also a nice element of innovation with Vend, so you feel like they are helping you stay cutting edge.

Do you have a sneaky insider tip for retail success?

When you set up a new business, the POS system is the last thing you want to struggle with. You get really consumed with the presentation and design of your business that you just want the register to work and not lose you time and money. So being able to take advantage of good customer service is key. So, my advice would be to know there are going to be tons of obstacles starting out, just seek out lots of advice before you leap.

– Blake Danforth, Co-Owner / Co-Curator, The Guise Archives

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