Vender of the Week: The Little Mule

Who: The Little Mule

Where: Melbourne, Australia

What: Founded as a base for online bicycle retailing, The Little Mule quickly took on a life all its own. With the excess floor space came the espresso machine, and with the espresso machine came the food. And with the bicycles, coffee, and food came the throngs.

Love your customer: Bicycle shop, cafe, university – what isn’t The Little Mule? We’ll tell you one thing they’re not: out of touch. The Little Mule is a progressive little hub of activity with big ideas and a bigger heart. Grab a good-for-you lunch and a good-for-the-world bicycle – and maybe learn how to keep bees, upcycle plastic bags, or even karate(!) while you’re there.

Love your POS: “Vend is in the cloud, so no need for onsite servers or ridiculous hardware and we’re always up to date with the latest releases with no downtime. Integration with Xero and Shopify has saved me so much time I can’t even tell you.” – Hugh McIntyre, Owner, The Little Mule


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