Vender of the Week: Three Ducks

Who: Three Ducks, Gluten Free Gourmet

Where: Melbourne, Australia

What: While assembling the most scrumptious – and honest-to-goodness gourmet – gluten-free products was a task born from necessity, the process quickly flourished into a passion for Ali Morrow, founder of Three Ducks. Now Three Ducks is Melbourne’s go-to for quality, gluten-free food so everyone can eat, entertain or gift a gf-free foodie with confidence.

Love your customer: It’s pretty remarkable when an individual transforms what could easily have been an show-stopping obstacle into a life-changing challenge. Ali Morrow’s business is the result of her refusal to compromise her life and love of food, even if the rest of the non-coeliac world assumed that was her only option.

Love your POS: One of the most appealing things to us, as small business owners, was the support provided via email at each stage of the set-up, including handy video demos to step you through things clearly, without the techno-speak. It meant we could save on the installation and select the features we needed.

It also helps that Vend works nicely with a ‘friendly’ accounting system to keep everything simple. The Vend team has also been super-responsive and helpful when needed and we can’t wait to see what else we can do with our Vend POS account. -Ali Morrow, Founder, Three Ducks


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