Vender of the Week: Three Worlds


Who: Three Worlds

Where: Gold Coast, Australia

It’s no secret Vend loves Xero. Like us, they’re helping businesses around the world do big things – and the two platforms integregrate together seamlessly. Needless to say, we are super excited about attending the Xerocons* that are happening over the next month. 

Our customers seem to approve of our romance with Xero too. Our awesome Vender of the Week, Three Worlds, has taken advantage of the integration in their unique business venture: providing drums, fire props, circus gear and a “bit of culture” to their communities. 

“We have found Vend to be a robust platform to build our business on. We have integrated to Vend through it’s API to allow live inventory levels to be seen on our webstore, and have built upon Xero and Vend like we could with no other system. 

It’s flexible and powerful, and the API makes it capable of anything you can dream/code up. Being able to see our daily sales online and manage all our stock in one place is a leap all retailers should make. Gone are the days of being tied to one computer, and with it, gone are the old school POS systems. Vend and Xero are the future.” – Jason Ure, Three Worlds Co-Founder

*Xerocon: Think Comic-Con for accountants.

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About Grace O'Hara

Grace is a Marketing Assistant at Vend and helps make cool things happen behind the scenes. She enjoys talking to incredible Vend retailers from around the world and making the world a better place with her side projects. You can get in touch with Grace by email or connect with her on Google+.