Vender of the Week: United Sweets

Who: United Sweets

Where: Hamilton, NZ

What: People love candy. And what do people love even more than candy? More candy. As Finn from United Sweets put it, “There was an incredible absence of delicious American Candy on the market! For all of this globalisation lark we hear of, the markets certainly forgot this guilty pleasure!” He was too right. In the ten months since a spectacular launch, United Sweets has opened 3 stores and established over 500 product lines.

Love your customer: We’re only people. At Vend we love candy almost as much as we love our customers. So imagine when one of those customers sends us candy. Vend goes from being in the cloud to being in heaven. (If you’ll forgive the terrible, terrible pun).

Love your POS: “6 weeks [after finding Vend], it has been cross implemented into 3 stores and has been the inspiration to move our E-commerce site to Shopify and push forward with in-store iPads for easy to use POS and innovative solutions. Too easy! Vend has allowed us to monitor everything and without the headache of intranet systems. Mi Gusta!” – Finn Puklowski, United Sweets, NZ


About Tara Benedict

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