Vender of the Week: Antiqology

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Who: Antiqology

Where: Huntington, Indiana

Why we love Antiqology:

Antiqology is a beautiful mix of the old and new. Owners Adam and Rebecca turned their frustrations of being unable to find unique antique items for their home into a successful digital business. Soon after, their passion for their local community lead them to create a brick and mortar version of it, making Antiqology the definition of a 21st century retail success.

How did you get started in retail?

Both of us have an extensive background in retail – from banking, wireless, clothing, food, online and in person. Retail seems to be a place that we fit naturally and flourish accordingly. Our journey to start Antiqology really came from a desire to own a brick & mortar business that allowed us to connect with our community as well as others of similar interests. We owned a successful online business with a customer base in over 70 countries, however we always felt a disconnect in our local community, and simply were not being a part of the revitalization with that business. We were looking to start a business that generated pride in Huntington and provided a place where multiple generations could connect, but was completely unique and had a great vibe.

What keeps you motivated?

Our customers inspire us! We have the privilege of introducing people, young and old, to pieces of history both in antiques and drinks. We get excited when we find new (to us) sodas and our customers share our excitement. It is awesome to watch their interest grow as we share our new discoveries.

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How did Vend come into the equation?

As we moved into our new location and were adding the ice cream, sodas, and candy we knew our daily transactions were going to increase. We were looking for a POS system that would allow us to run reports, keep track of how much of each item we were selling, and was easy to use in a very fast-paced environment. We tried a couple the week before we opened but kept coming back to Vend for ease of use. As a newer business we were looking at cost, and with the free-factor to get started that was a huge draw for us. It saves us a TON of time at each transaction, and allows us to keep customer info on some of our larger accounts.

What’s your local community like?

From our perspective, Huntington is an old community where people often stay and where many are slow to accept change. At the same time there is a movement of young people, both from Huntington and graduates of the local university, who are choosing to move back to or stay in Huntington as a movement toward revitalization. We have long perceived that many Huntington residents lack pride in their community. A big part of our drive and emphasis is to develop and generate a sense of pride of Huntington within the community as well as make our downtown an attraction-focussed community for visitors from other areas. Renovating our historical building and attracting people to our Downtown area are two ways that we are attempting to build that pride. Creating a place for our customers and local residents to be proud of helps achieve that.


Lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers?

  1. Be prepared to adapt – listen to your customers and pay attention to changes you might need to make.
  2. Be careful as you make financial decisions and investments – some things are worth waiting and saving for. We started our business with $20 and have never invested more than that original $20 (we’re debt free).
  3. Be unique. Offer a product, service, and experience that is not replicated by anyone else in your area. We often say we sell an experience with our products. I mean where else can you find over 300 unique varieties of craft sodas?
  4. Quality – Do not do it if you can’t do it well. The way you do “it” represents your business. Get creative and try to do as much in-house that you can to keep costs down. Doing something cheap does not always mean that your not doing it well.
  5. Use social media – To date we have spent no more than $30 on advertising. Social media is free and you can reach a very broad audience. Encourage your customers to post photos, tag you, etc. to help spread the word about your business.

– Adam Hanson, Owner / Soda Connoisseur, Antiqology

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