Vender of the Week: Aussie Supplements


Who: Aussie Supplements

Where: All Over Australia

Why we love Aussie Supplements:

With over 19 stores Australia-wide (and bundles more on the way), Aussie Supplements has positioned itself as a market leader within the Australian health and fitness community. Instead of being the usual, intimidatingly muscly suspects you think of when supplements are mentioned (Rocky…) the team at Aussie Supplements are friendly, down-to-earth and incredibly helpful. Whether you’re after something to make you bigger, smaller, more energized or more full; even if you’re looking for a nutrition and fitness plan, Aussie Supplements will make sure you have the right tools to achieve your health and fitness goals.

What is Aussie Supplements all about?

We started in ‘09, in an effort to provide industry leading products, advice and service to athletes of any form! Our goal was to do whatever it took to help our customers achieve their fitness goals. Most stores in this industry just sell supplements and that’s it. We’re different at Aussie Supps – we provide a hands-on experience to ensure that you receive the success in your fitness journey that you deserve. Our team is huge on wow’ing our customers and ensuring they leave the store with a big smile on their face and a clear path to their goals.


What’s your local community like?

We couldn’t ask for a better community both online & in-store. Aussie Supplements is all about embracing the local community, and we love getting involved with all of the events going on. A lot of our managers just have customers come in to chat and talk about all things fitness for hours in the day! Our online community is also fantastic, with hundreds of orders pouring out of the warehouse each day and a bucket load of training/nutrition/supplement questions being answered all day (we have 3 full-time online customer service staff).

What brought you to Vend and how’ve you found it?

We were looking for an integrated, easy to use cloud-based system to provide accurate, clear reporting on all our stores. Because they are all spread out, we needed to be able to report instantly. Other solutions, like our old system, couldn’t provide this. Our favourite feature is the ability to bring up detailed reports, mainly on inventory. Being able to see a store’s live inventory is a huge help in making purchasing decisions!

Do you have any advice for new retailers? 

Set yourself up with the right systems from the beginning. It’s so vital to begin on good foundations, because after you grow (like we have) it becomes so much more difficult to change.

– Mick Smith, Online Manager / Fitness Fanatic, Aussie Supplements

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