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Eneka Burroughs owns and runs the maternity clothing and childrenswear store Bundle Boutique, which recently took its first steps into the world of online retail with Vend Ecommerce. Within just 72 hours of launching her new online store, Eneka had 46 orders – 80% of which were from completely new customers.

“This is money I would never have made otherwise,” she says.

We caught up with Eneka to ask her about her store, why she chose Vend, and what her tips for retail success are.

A bit about Bundle Boutique

Bundle Boutique has been selling unique designs and beautiful clothes for kids and moms for six years, and has six staff in its brick-and-mortar store. Just like Eneka, the team at Bundle are all “part-time workers and full-time moms”.

The store’s grown and evolved significantly over the years, says Eneka.

“We used to just sell maternity clothing, but quickly added children’s clothing. Moms don’t want to just buy clothes for themselves. There are so many things they need to buy, and we’re in a really good position to help them do just that instead of just waving them away after they give birth,” she says.


With the business growing, Eneka also recognised the need to take her store online. This meant moving away from her outdated point of sale to Vend, which combines POS and ecommerce into one elegant package.

“It’s a no brainer for me to use Vend. Combining our point of sale and ecommerce made the whole process so much easier. With Vend, there’s no double handling of stock or input,” says Eneka.

“That’s why we’ve had such great success.”

Eneka had no previous experience with setting up an online store, but didn’t let this little fact get in her way.

“Vend Ecommerce is super user friendly,” she says.

“I expected the whole thing to be a lot of hard work and coding, but once I got into the Vend Ecommerce system, everything was so intuitive and easy to follow.”

And the results speak for themselves. Not only the increase in sales by adding an online revenue stream, but also where those sales were coming from.

“It’s when we started getting orders from Australia that it really clicked how global the reach of an online store is,” she says.

Eneka’s tips for #retailsuccess

As a business owner who’s new to selling online, we asked Eneka what’s been the key to her success so far.

“There are so many web stores out there. If you give people a reason to visit your site, like compelling products they can’t find anywhere else or limited-time discounts, that’s a hook for them to actually come, visit, and become a loyal customer.”


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