Vender of the Week: Carrot Tomato


Who: Carrot Tomato

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Why we love Carrot Tomato:

Carrot Tomato is a variety store offering vintage gifts and home ware items, alongside jewellery and also everyday essentials. Carrot Tomato’s business concept (Amazing style, Amazing price) came from Mai Wong, a passionate home decorator and creative. Before Carrot Tomato, she used to sell her favourite selections of home wares via e-bay & Gumtree.

Mai Wong’s brothers have been running a chain of variety stores in Malaysia for the past ten years. They currently they have ten outlets and are still expanding, a feat that Mai Wong uses as inspiration to grow her own business in Melbourne.

What brought you to Vend?

The main reason we chose Vend was because it was Cloud based – meaning we don’t have to maintain a server, and it offers a quick start with a reasonable monthly subscription.

We also chose Vend because the software is expandable. Based on Mai Wong brothers’ “business recipe”, Carrot Tomato will have more outlets in the very near future – Vend is there for us to expand. As well as also having great support (Vend has a very friendly and supportive team – with Premium Support Monique Steele is always there to assist!) we enjoy using Vend integration partners, such as Xero and Tyro.

In short, Vend has all we wanted to start a retail business and for future expansion.

What would your words of wisdom be for new Venders?

If you are using Vend, you are on the right track! I had spent a few months just searching for a right POS system, as I am not too good on IT stuff. Once you’ve done that, let the IT (Vend) do the heavy lifting so you can focus on business.

– Kia Ching, Head of Sales, Carrot Tomato

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