Vender of the Week: Cat Socrates

Who: Cat Socrates

Where: Singapore

Named after a previous in-store pet, Socrates the cat, this beautiful design shop in Singapore opened its doors five years ago. After some initial troubles with their POS system, the store made the switch to Vend. Hellen Jiang, the store’s founder and creative eye, spoke to us about her experiences so far.

How did Cat Socrates get started? 

We started as a book and stationery shop, and then added in new brands and different types of things little by little. After 5 years, we are now like a multi-brand lifestyle concept shop. We source good design from all over the world, selling books, paper goods, fashion, home ware and also vintage collectibles. We now have a new shop cat called Chestnut (the one you can see on our Facebook page). He lives in our shop and he is so lovely – our customers really adore him!

What brought you to Vend?

We found it online when we were looking for a new POS system to replace our old one. We started out with a simple one first, with no scanner and inventory function. When we had more and more things and the sales began to grow, we had to change system twice when the exiting one could not meet our needs. It was really very troublesome and full of very painful boring data work.

How has it been with Vend? 

I believe we can grow bigger, maybe having one more outlet focus on home ware or maybe even add in furniture. We will keep our style to always try to bring in unique and good designs, hope can inspire more people and give them new ideas.

Do you have any advice for new retailers?

I will say it’s important to invest on a good POS and inventory system when you first start!

– Hellen Jiang, Founder, Cat Socrates

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