Vender of the Week: Flex Nutrition Depot

Who: Flex Nutrition Depot
What: A supplements, diet, fitness and lifestyle store that offers in-depth advice and guides customers alongside their journey
Where: Beverly Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started and what you’re all about?

Well, I had a short term career in the NSW Police Force when I was approached by a friend of mine. He asked if I’d like to take over his business Healthy Life Healthy Choice, so I took a gamble and accepted. From there, I rebranded the business to Flex Nutrition Depot from scratch. I had to put in some long hours to begin with, working Monday through to Sunday to get a website and ecommerce store live as well as an app for Android and Apple, an eBay business, a Facebook page, extended shop opening hours, and much more. The hard work has certainly paid off and I love stepping through the doors every day!

What brought you to Vend and how have you found it? Would you recommend Vend to retailers like you?

Originally,I was stuck with a very old point of sale system which didn’t have customer loyalty programs. This was a huge concern for me as customer service should be at the forefront of every business! Health supplements are extremely popular at the moment with a number of stores flooding the market — a store owner or manager should always be thinking about ways their business can set themselves apart from the competition.

Vend has helped me work toward and continue building upon that idea in a practical and positive way. This is especially true with our new ecommerce store. Many customers are now utilizing the online shop as 95% of orders have guaranteed next day delivery Australia-wide. I’m now able to make sales in my sleep!


What does your passion come from for what you do?

My passion solely comes from experience. I’ve been involved in bodybuilding and fitness for a while now, through the help of Australia’s IFBB presidents Paul and Carole Graham along with Tony Doherty, promotor for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Australia.

Seeing the results and changes to people’s bodies when they decide to live a fitter, healthier, and active lifestyle is truly amazing and what excites me so much about working in this industry. You can immediately see not only improved physical health, but the positive impact these changes have on people’s mental health, their lives, and their family’s lives as well.

Do you have any advice for retailers that you wish you’d known?

My biggest piece of advice to retailers is this: “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

Customers pay your wage, they keep your business alive and operating. Some business owners get stuck focusing on money and profit, but these aren’t the aspects that drive the good word about your business. Just remember, no matter how difficult the customer or how low the profit margin of a sale may be, a sale is better than nothing at all! And you never know how far-reaching a positive experience can be.


About Ashley Gilgrist

Ashley looks after product marketing at Vend — working hard to bring exciting product launches to retailers around the globe. When she’s not busy talking all-things-Vend, Ashley also has a love of tea, candle-crafting, binge-watching, and hiking the pointy peaks of New Zealand.