Vender of the Week: Funky Christmas Jumpers

Who: Funky Christmas Jumpers

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Why we love Funky Christmas Jumpers:

It’s getting to that time of year when yuletide lights, tinsel and carols are starting to emerge again, along with the haters amongst us who claim that it’s still far too early to be preparing for Christmas. However, there are some Christmas-loving retailers who’re embracing the spirit of the season with so much enthusiasm that you just can’t help but get a little excited when you’re around them; the team at Funky Christmas Jumpers are a prime example. With the reopening of their annual pop-up store in Dublin, they’re bringing back the relics of nana’s adorable knitted jumpers and socks, but putting their own spin and sense of humour into them with modern designs.

How you prepare for the Christmas selling season?

“Our preparation starts in January! New designs go to sampling, then we approve and order in for the following Christmas. Because all this is so seasonal we have other jobs that keep us going during the rest of the year. We spot various vacant stores throughout the year and pray they’re still free in September. When September comes around and we begin to negotiate with landlords on shops that would suit us, mainly based on location and size. Once we have an agreement we move the stock in and prepare the shop. Luckily this year we managed to get the same store as 2012, so within 3 days we had set it up and running. We had kept all the props from last year so they slotted straight back in.”

What makes for a memorable pop-up store experiences for customers, are you constantly changing things from year to year?

“We haven’t changed things too much regarding the layout except make room for new jumpers! Last year we had teamed up with an Irish startup and we had a virtual wardrobe in store, which was awesome. This year we are working with Samsung to create a fun shopping experience in our store. We like being in the store ourselves so we can get feedback from all the customers and have some fun. Christmas can be great time to have fun while working, especially in Dublin.”

Do have an insider tip for new Vend users?

“We love Vend, its our third year using it and find it so easy to set up. The import features saves so much time entering in products and it so worth your while spending time initially setting up the import file. There’s loads of things we love about Vend, monthly fees, easily view and export sales and product figures. It’s very nimble; we have taken it to events on the iPad. And overall it’s very easy to use and we can train our elves in minutes on how to use it. The only issue I have with it is that we can’t use it all year around!”

Fabio Molle, King of the Elves – Funky Christmas Jumpers

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