Vender of the Week: A Gathering Of Stitches

Who: A Gathering of Stitches

Where: Portland, Maine, USA

Why we love A Gathering of Stitches:

Samantha is living a life most of us dream of – she’s managed to turn her life long passion into a career. Her beautiful workspace in Portland, Maine is not just home to her craft, but home also to the community of textile-enthusiasts she has built up in the area around her. A Gathering of Stitches is about learning, making, and most importantly, crafting it up with friends. From running classes and workshops to renting shared workspaces, Samantha is changing the world of collaboration and textile craft one gathering at a time.

What brought you and Vend together?

I chose Vend because it was the most flexible program I found. I wanted to be able to start small with a user friendly POS system that would help me keep track of my small inventory, but still have the option to grow organically as my business grows.

What is your best piece of advice for new retailers?

My advice to retailers is be real, be genuine, be yourself. You are your own best marketing. If people like you they will buy from you, and come back, and be loyal. In this modern age of online digital everything, human interaction, real contact, is so very important and valuable. We are all searching for a genuine experience, when we find one we tend to grab on to it.

What would be your words of wisdom to any new Venders?

My experience with Vend has been very smooth, so I haven’t had any issues.  I will say that the customer service is really great, so if you can’t figure something out contact them; they are very good at getting back quickly and thoroughly.

– Samantha Hoyt Lindgren, Founder and Owner, A Gathering Of Stitches

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