Vender of the Week: Gregory


Who: Gregory

Where: Auckland, New Zealand (and country-wide)

Why we love Gregory:

New Zealand born-and-bred fashion brand, Gregory, has been making beautiful things for over 20 years. When Vend first found its feet, they became one of our first partners in crime and we’ve been the best of friends ever since (so this feature is long overdue). The team at Gregory are such a wonderful bunch; you’ll truly feel like friend circle has been extended by the time you leave the store. Pair that with exceptionally designed garments and a serene shopping environment, it’s no wonder business has been booming.

What is Gregory all about?

Gregory is centered on creating directional, design-led womenswear. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and original products, it fuses exceptional design, quality and value. Gregory prides itself on creating pieces that have longevity. They are modern yet timeless and will stay in your wardrobe for decades. There is intricate attention to detail and fabrication without the hefty price tag. Fabrics are sourced internationally but designed and produced locally. Our passion is for our people – both our customers and those behind the brand. We enjoy developing bonds between our staff, our style and our customers. We want our customers to have a relationship with the clothing they’re purchasing, to experience and recognize the passion that goes into making each and every style. It’s all about the little things. Our products are creations, and that’s what we aim to communicate. We let the product speak for itself and so far it’s spoken well!

How did the Vend relationship begin? 

Vend was recommended to us by our Xero consultants and we’re proud to be one of Vend’s first customers! We were looking for a cloud based POS to streamline the sales operations in our remote stores around the country, provide a master dashboard to control sales and stock across all of our outlets, operate in an agnostic OS environment and also retire a lot of bulky hardware. Vend has allowed us to reduce paper work, streamline our operations and most importantly ensure that our retail staff have as little back office work as possible. That way, they can spend a maximum amount of time on the floor with the customers. Our store managers have commented that our administrative processes are the easiest that they have ever come across in a retail store environment!

Gregory 1

What’s your local community like? 

We have a very strong local following and our customers are very loyal. Although online sales are an important part of the business that we are continuing to grow, we still strongly believe that the traditional brick and mortar, in-store shopping experience is an integral part of the business and allows us to set ourselves apart from the competition. Our retail mission is to provide the very best retail experience in the country from our staff to our product and store fit-outs. In a nutshell, our mission is to provide a luxury shopping experience at an accessible price point. We want every customer to feel like they are the most important person in the world! In addition, our clothing is produced in limited quantities so we are able to retain a level of exclusivity. I would say that we have a bit of an “old school” approach to retail which you don’t see much anymore.

Lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers?

Trust your gut, know your customers and build a team of like-minded people. Oh, and we 100% recommend signing up with Vend!

Kelly Maire, Sales, PR and Marketing Manager, Gregory

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