Vender of the Week: Guerrilla Gravity


Who:  Guerrilla Gravity

Where: Denver, Colorado

Guerrilla Gravity is a bike business with a darn lot of passion behind it – they make custom bikes for fellow riders in their hometown of Denver, Colorado. In their spare time, the team enjoys riding bikes, designing bikes, building bikes, and punk rock shows… so they’re a pretty dedicated (and awesome) bunch. We had a chat to co-founder Will to find out more about their journey so far.

What’s Guerrilla Gravity all about? 

We got started three years ago as a community-focused, rider-direct mountain bike manufacturing company. By working with riders one-on-one we’re able to provide a unique buying experience. They can fully customize all facets of their bike build – from the frame color (10 stock options) to the types of brakes they want to run.

And we weren’t satisfied providing “average” mountain bikes, so we also really focus on creating high-performance, yet easy-to-maintain bikes for riders who are passionate and skilled, but also like to spend more time riding than maintain their ride.

Riders get access to the GG Rider Program, which nets them 15% off all the gear in our retail shop and special deals on rider clinic and maintenance classes, among an ever-expanding list of other perks.


What is the riding community like in Denver?

Manufacturing in Colorado is important to us because it allows us to more efficiently build, benefit, and grow our local community.

The riding community is great in Denver; it’s diverse and passionate. This is true throughout Colorado, as well. There are a lot of world-class trails close, and tons more within a couple hours. On top of that, we also have six of the best bike parks in the country within five hours of here.


What brought you to Vend and how’ve you found it? 

We decided on Vend after many, many hours of research. The cloud-based backend, scalable nature, and low front-end cost were all big factors in our decision. As a small business, something like Vend that scales with you is very valuable.

How do you make Vend work with your custom orders? 

We use Vend to create custom product combinations that we can then manipulate based on the build options the customer actually decides on. It’s also easy to create unique product combos on-the-fly and dictate the end price based on the chosen options.


Lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers?

Advice or new retailers would be to do everything you can to get the word out to get people in the door and then make sure they leave more excited than when they came in. It’s easy (and cheap) for people to buy things on the internet, so creating a unique experience is also very important.

– Will Montague, Co-Founder / Rider Extraordinaire, Guerrilla Gravity

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