Vender of the Week: Hooha

Thirteen years ago, Hooha set up shop in Copenhagen, Denmark as a wholesale t-shirt printing company. The retailer eventually opened a showroom, which later evolved into a full-fledged retail store — and today, Hooha runs two locations and a web store and stocks leading streetwear brands in fashion and footwear.

We talked to Hooha CEO Jesper Kjærgaard about the company’s decision to switch from its outdated IT system to a cloud-based point of sale and how Vend has helped take Hooha to new heights. Keep reading for his thoughts.


On switching to the cloud:

“It was a really big decision for us. We needed to update our CMS as well as our POS, so I spent two months searching the Internet for systems that could work together. The main problem with our old systems was reporting; reporting from the old system just wasn’t enough for us.

We needed a POS system that could give us some great reports and that could also speak with the other systems we use: Shopify for our web store and Xero for accounting. I also wanted a software I could use without constantly contacting a support team. The cool thing? I set up all three Vend registers myself, including exporting all my labels from our old system.”


On the biggest changes and challenges facing retailers today:

“Retailers now need to do a lot more to keep their customers. It’s become much harder to have a store. You need to be alive online, with social media and a web store.

I consider the biggest challenge to be bigger ecommerce companies that are opening retail stores. It can be very tough for smaller stores to compete. These stores can discount heavily, and we just can’t do that with our margins.”


On how he’s found Vend:

“I’m very happy with Vend. The main reason we chose it was its cloud capability so we could access it anywhere in the world, and I’ve found it super nice and easy to use.

Already there are new features popping up like gift receipts and store credit. It’s great to see people are still working on the system and updating new features.

When you have a retail site, it’s important to have a system like Vend that can show you the reports and the orders. It’s tough to remember what you bought and sold year-to-year, but numbers don’t lie.

Now, if a product isn’t working, we can go through the reports to work on merchandising and move stock to a different location.”

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