Vender of the Week: Impala & Peacock


Who: Impala & Peacock

Where: Melbourne, Australia

Why we love Impala & Peacock:

Despite being only twenty-three years young, Sarah de Witt is already onto business number two. Having learnt from the challenges of her first business, Sarah’s boutique teahouse (Impala & Peacock) is currently thriving and growing at light speed. We spoke with Sarah about the things she’s learnt along the way, and where she finds her passion.

How did you get into the world of retail? 

I originally set out for Impala & Peacock tea house to be a space where people come in for a moment to pause and relax over a cup of great tea (and perhaps a good book!). It’s a space where people connect with others over a pot of perfectly brewed single estate tea. Retail naturally evolved from this original hospitality concept as people wanted to take this quality tea house experience into their homes. I was really excited to journey into the world of retail because it’s such a dynamic, engaging, and exciting world- especially when I can talk about tea which I’m wholeheartedly passionate about.

What’s Impala & Peacock all about?

Sensational Artisan Teas.

We’re about preparing and presenting tea in a way that connects customers with its ancient tradition, from paddock to pot. We like to represent the story of tea from a really genuine perspective. At the end of the day most of it is picked and processed by communities for which tea is their sole livelihood, and has been so for many years. This ensures each tea leaf is steeped with a tradition that has been perfected over generations for us to enjoy. We also love to bring the English influence that adds such elegance and class to the tea process with our High Tea events.  It’s a yin yang balance of the tea story that we’re proud to celebrate and share at Impala & Peacock.


What brought Vend into your world?

When you’re starting up a business, there’s a lot of fun and exciting elements and there are those dreary tasks that you sideline until necessary. Finding a POS system fell into that second category for me. There seemed to be so many options for different POS systems that I would often walk away feeling overwhelmed and more confused. Learning about Vend was refreshingly easy. The system was intuitive and reliable, and staff were approachable, professional, and fun. From a financial perspective, it was also great to use a system that didn’t require any large upfront payments – so important for a start up.

Where does your passion come from?

I see passion as a powerful pull that drives you to extend yourself and your efforts beyond measure. That’s what creating a tea blend and working within the specialty tea industry does for me. Creating tisane blends, engaging with customers, and selling a product to customers who continue to support and love what you do fuels my passion to continue.


What would be your words of wisdom to new retailers? 

Keep your focus on creating a beautiful business that you love. For all the peripheral tasks that take up your time and energy, be resourceful by connecting with other companies like Vend that can manage that aspect for you. That way, your valuable time can be directed towards making the most impact and difference in your business world.

– Sarah de Witt, Founder/ Queen of Tea, Impala & Peacock

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