Kukri Sports & Vend: Big days at the Hong Kong Sevens

Who: Kukri Sports

Where: Preston, England

Kukri Sports are an international provider of bespoke sportswear. Whether you’re a professional rugby team or school badminton squad, Kukri provide tailored kits to meet the demands of your sport, allowing you to give your kit a personal touch.

As a major sponsor of the Hong Kong Sevens, Kukri were on hand to serve the tens of thousands of fans that descended on the weekend’s action, giving them a chance to grab a memento from the festival as the official merchandiser. We caught up with them to see how it all went and how they were able to use Vend during the event. Check out the video above, and a bit of further information below.

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How big are events like the Hong Kong Sevens for Kukri?

We always look forward to the Hong Kong Sevens. This year we had 7 booths across the stadium with over a hundred staff on hand to serve the fans. The volume of sales is immense – with around six transactions per minute – we needed every one of the 40 tills that were available to us! Even more exciting for us is seeing so many people wearing the famous Chang – on the pitch, in the stands, and even on the advertising boards across the stadium. The exposure we gain from high profile events such as the Hong Kong Sevens are really important to us.

What do you love about Vend?

Vend is an invaluable resource for an international organisation such as Kukri. Our head office is in the UK, but we have offices across the world, including Hong Kong, so the ability to see what’s happening across the operation is vital.

Hong Kong Sevens is a huge retail operation for us. With so many people to serve, we needed an efficient, fast service and Vend delivered that. We had two people on each of the 40 tills along with a mini warehouse being operated on site – the instant feedback on sales and stock levels allowed us to manage a tricky operation very efficiently.

The software is easy to use and our army of workers picked it up in no time, which is extremely important with the speed we have to work at during these big events.

Kukri 2

How do you track your inventory during such a busy time?

During this year’s Hong Kong Sevens, we were able to track the inventory easily and instantly from our operations room at the stadium. We could track sales in real-time, allowing us to replenish the stock of the popular items without the need of feedback from our sales staff. Not only could we track the sales real-time, but we could evaluate which retail booth was busiest and adjust our staffing levels accordingly, ensuring we weren’t overrun at any point during the weekend’s activity. We simply reconcile and re-stock, ready to do it all over again on the following day.

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– Michael Scott, Web Administrator, Kukri Sports

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