Vender of the Week: Kukri Sports


Who: Kukri Sports

Where: Preston, England

The Kukri team are all about sports: they make bespoke athletic clothing for teams the world over, as well as scream their hearts out at every game they can get to. Though they’re based in Preston in the UK, with Vend’s remote management and mobile capabilities they’re taking over the entire sporting world with beautiful sports gear. The next big sporting event on their horizon is the Hong Kong Sevens at the end of March, the team at Kukri is staying cool, calm, and collected – and just selling awesomely as usual.

What brought Kukri and Vend together?

We found Vend online when we were in need of a till system for the Kinsale Sevens in Ireland. We found it so easy to use that we decided to replace our till systems in all our shops with Vend and since then we haven’t looked back.

We now use Vend in eight full time shops including Ulster Rugby, Lancashire County Cricket Club, University of Birmingham and our Vulcan Shop in Hong Kong. We also use Vend for events such as the Hong Kong Sevens, the World Police and Fire Games in Belfast, and potentially in a new Rugby Tens event in Singapore.

We love how easy it is to set up accounts, and then run the accounts whilst selling. Also we love the integreation with Shopify, which enables us to use the stock from Vend in our e-commerce platform. Lastly, the support is second to none so when we do have issues they’re generally resolved quickly despite timezone differences.

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How has Vend helped you to win?

The most useful Vend feature is probably the ability to manage Vend accounts remotely. I manage all the Vend accounts from our head office in Preston. Our accounts can be fully set up by me in Preston and then the shop can concentrate on selling. Similarly during events, with Vend I can set up everything from here so that when we get to the event all we have to do is set up the hardware, load the URL and away we go! This is exemplified by the fact that our Vend setup for the HK7’s is now fully complete (minus the till receipt which I still have on my to-do list). This means that once our IT guys have set up the hardware we’re essentially ready to sell, sell, sell!

As for mobile payments we are hoping to use iPads and the Vend app to sell anywhere in the stadium. We’re hoping the mobile selling will give us the chance to sell in corporate boxes where we can go to the sales rather than waiting for them to come to us.


How are you feeling about the upcoming event?

The excitement is building amongst the select few staff members that are going out there. We’re taking a team of nine with us to the event where we’ll be joined by some of our staff based in our Hong Kong Office as well an army of temporary staff who’ll be on the tills and supervising the booths. As a first timer I’m looking forward to the hype and buzz of the Sevens which I’m promised is something special. From a company point of view we’re looking forward to seeing the Kukri Chang (company logo) and Kukri products left, right and centre!

– Michael Scott, Online Shop & Product Supervisor, Kukri GB Limited

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