Vender of the Week: Muscle Worx


Who: Muscle Worx

Where: Australia wide (and growing!)

Why we love Muscle Worx:

After only five short years in business, it’s safe to say the team at Muscle Worx have definitely made their mark in the supplements industry in Australia. Selling a wide range of products at competitive prices, and pairing it with expert advice on everything from WPI to BCAA (though not laughing at you for asking), they’ve turned their grassroots business into an omni-channel success story. We spoke to Nina Silic about how Vend helped them manage their growing pains, and take their business to where it is today.

How did Muscle Worx get started and what are you all about?

Muscle Worx is currently one of Australia’s leading and fastest growing sports nutrition outlets and was started by 2 brothers in 2010. One was originally a personal trainer and would sell supplements to clients out of the back of his car. The other was in the marketing and advertising industry. With their passion for fitness they came together to start a small supplement shop. Within a year one small shop inside a gym turned into 3 stores and within 3 years turned into 17 stores Australia wide. Muscle Worx strives to provide competitively priced sports supplements and expert advice on a wide variety of top quality supplements. We have something for everybody regardless of their goals and our service and highly educated staff strive to provide our customers with optimal information to help them achieve their goals.


What brought Muscle Worx and Vend together? 

We decided to look into Vend as we were looking for a point of sale system that worked in better synergy with our quite rapidly-expanding business. We were previously using a very basic, small-business style point of sale, which was proving to be somewhat inaccurate and not in-keeping with our desire to more scrupulously monitor objective components of the business. We have found Vend very convenient, and love its adaptability (for example, if the internet goes down, it can still be used), simplicity, accuracy and in-depth statistical analyses; particularly from Muscle Worx upper management’s perspective.

Do you have any advice for new Venders?

  • Utilize Vend’s easy-integration with add-ons! (For example, Tyro – one of the best things we have done!)
  • Maximize use of Vend’s features – we still have only really brushed the surface ourselves.
  • Take notes on tutorial provision when you first make the switch.
  • Utilize the help function – awesome support from Vend’s team!

– Nina Silic, IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete (wowsah!) and Team Muscle Worx For Her, Muscle Worx

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