Vender of the Week: Nadine Rose

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Who: Nadine Rose

Where: Rugby, United Kingdom

Since living in Tehran as a child, Nadine Rose has travelled all over the world, learning about different cultures and discovering beautiful products. For her, an object is nothing without the story behind it. Nadine’s beautiful store in Rugby is a reflection of this passion and love for stories – each piece has a maker, an origin, and an age. We caught up with Nadine to find out a bit more about her adventure-filled retail story.

How did you get started in retail? 

My business has come about through my love of travel, my passion for textiles, my interest in business and development (which I studied at University) and my desire to help create new markets for beautiful handmade products from developing countries.

After living in the Middle East for a number of years, and seeing (and buying) all the stunning decorative things that were on offer there, I decided to start my own small business when we moved to London. I had three small children so mainly sold at fairs and did popup shops (then a new concept). I have always sold products which are ethically made, good quality and where I have had a direct relationship with the producer.

Selling from home wasn’t enough after a while, so having recently moved back (again) from the Middle East (Oman this time) to a new location, I decided it was time to make a dream come true and open a shop. Due to the economy and the challenges to independent retailers I knew I had to back it up with an online store too.

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How did you find Vend? 

Which brings me to Vend! My husband is on sabbatical this year and has spent part of his time in New Zealand. He returned earlier this year full of enthusiasm for the New Zealand way of doing things and having discovered Vend and Xero. We researched it together and I then made the decision to go for it – what appeals most is the way the technology operates through the cloud and can be synched so that as the business grows it is easier to keep control over everything from inventory to accounts.

I am still in the setting up phase so am definitely feeling excited about the learning process at this stage, I tell everybody I can about Vend – there maybe a lot more interest coming from Rugby (the town I live in). One of the outcomes I am most looking forward to is the idea of being able to grow the business quickly and efficiently due to being able to keep a close eye on stock, sales and building customer relationships. My hope is to open a few shops so Vend will allow me to manage all of them under one umbrella as well as to keep a close eye on things even if I am not present all of the time – a great outcome if I want to continue travelling and sourcing interesting products. So I would say Vend is part of my story, I want to be modern, efficient, unique and to grow my business.


Where does your passion come from?

My passion comes from my inspiration – and that comes from my family, both here and also in Ethiopia. Twelve years ago we sponsored a four year old Ethiopian girl called Mekdes to be a pen friend for our eldest daughter Matilda. After only one year she was orphaned, knowing that she had three sisters I worried for their well-being and so left my two tiny daughters at home to visit them.

The girls were living in the chicken shed as they had rented out the main (wattle) house, they had a small income and were just about able to eat enough to survive and importantly, were still going to school. Ranging from 15 to 5 in age I spent a week with the four of them, when we discussed their dreams they already had a strong vision for their own future. Hiwot (age 15) wanted to be a pharmacist, Meseret (age 14) wanted to work in business, Juli (7) wanted to be a nurse or doctor and Mekdes (4) a water engineer. Great ambitions!

Over the course of the following 12 years I have supported them with their living costs and studies. Having worked incredibly hard they are now a pharmacist, an accountant, a lab technician and (almost) a student of chemical engineering. Their hard work and gratitude is an inspiration to me and my own daughters and it is due to them that I have set up my own business, partly to raise the money to send to them and also to lead by example.

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Do you have any advice for those new to retail?

It is early days for me to give advice however, like most entrepreneurs, I would say find your passion, tell a story, do something that serves others and stay positive! I am already so happy that I am investing in the long term with my software as I know it is going to make a huge difference to the sustainability of my business.

– Nadine Rose, Founder / World Changer, Nadine Rose

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