Vender of the Week: NAS Trends

Who: NAS Trends

Where: Cairo, Egypt

Why we love NAS Trends:

NAS in Arabic means people, so it makes sense that this store is a community-driven retailer. Located in Cairo, Egypt – NAS sells to its fan-base all over the world through an online store, making it the definition of a brick and click success. An online design competition is held every few months, where its 1,000,000-strong community have the ability to submit and vote for the best designs. The winning creations are then bought from the designers and incorporated into the next season’s collection. “By the people, for the people” has never been more true that with NAS Trend’s company ethos – maybe Lincoln was onto something?

How did NAS Trends and Vend come together? 

We started off as a mix of five students and fresh grads selling t-shirts on our friend’s roof in 2009 in Cairo, Egypt. Things started to move on pretty well and we even started getting orders from nearby countries. We needed a simple and affordable POS/Inventory system, after doing some research we chose Vend in a heart-beat. Very easy to use, great interface, and lots of reporting features. 


The NAS Trends Team

Do you have any words of wisdom for newbies to the retail world?

Listen to your customers, understand their needs and anticipation from your business, and that’s your recipe for success. Strive to always be the trend setter in you field, it’s hard, but believe me it’s worth it!

Do you have any pointers for new Venders also?

The “Help” tab (in the sell screen) is your magic worker, if you have any kind of question just type it in and voilà your answer is there.

– Ahmed Ashraf, Co-founder & Retail Manager, NAS Trends

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