Vender of the Week: Reloveinc


What: Reloveinc

Where: Brisbane, Australia

Why we think they’re awesomesauce: 

Jason and James are the charismatic owners of Brisbane’s newest cafe and antique store. For some, blending a love of antiques with great coffee would be enough to keep a store busy, but this dynamic duo go the extra step in ensuring it’s continued success by injecting their loveable nature into everything they do. They’re open, honest, passionate and love their community too – just check out their Instagram to see what we mean. We were lucky enough to catch up with Jason during their hectic first week to get an inside look at how it all started…

How did your retail journey begin?

For a number of years, James and myself have spent the best part of our weekends together trawling Brisbane coffee shops and antique centers for eclectic things to fill our home with. James comes from a boutique jewellery and fashion back ground, having managed stores for a number of years. I myself come from a corporate management background, having overseen various divisions of Telstra Telecommunications and JB HI-FI (a large format electronics store). We had discussed going into business for ourselves for as long as we have been together and and finally decided, after much debate and planning, to take the leap and go into business for ourselves and open our vintage cafe and antique store.


What brought Reloveinc and Vend together? 

Pretty simply we googled “user friendly POS systems for new business” and we found Vend. We loved it straight away because of its integration with our accounting programs, there is lots of support available with it and its great to use. From doing up purchase orders to plugging in stock, and finally using quick keys to punch in our coffee orders we have found its plug and play capability a real asset to our business.

Where does your passion come from?

Providing in-depth personalized service, selling and interacting with people with the enthusiasm that comes from doing something you love. Our pet hate is walking into any retail space and being met with the blank gaze and no personality that sadly has become the norm in our industry. We are breaking the mold in being loud and larger than life in our approach.


Lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers? 

The best advise to give any budding entrepreneur is not to think about it for ever and ever. While planning is important, making the decision to actually act on what you want to do and letting it develop organically is the most rewarding aspect. Don’t be afraid of what might happen, embrace it, work hard and enjoy yourself and what might happen is you are a success.

– Jason Fahy, Illustrious Leader / Chief Coffee Drinker and Treasure Hunter, Reloveinc

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