Vender of the Week: Saul’s Beauty Shop


Who: Saul’s Beauty Shop

Where: Toronto, Canada

Why we fell in love with them:

Saul’s Beauty Shop is a salon like no other. Devoutly gender neutral as well as petrochemical and SLS free, they’re breaking down the outdated ‘norms’ of the beauty world one treatment at a time. At Saul’s you can find unique services range from ‘Emergency Zit Killers’ and ‘Majestic Facial Hair’, to an ‘I’m Scared Brazilian’ and everything in between. They’re also throwing out the bad nature sound CDs and clinical vibes and instead replacing it with fun, friendliness and people that genuinely care about your wellbeing. What’s not to love about that, really?

How did you get to where you are now? 

I’ve been an esthetician for over 8 years now and was seeing a hole in our local market spa wise. It didn’t take long to realize people found spas intimidating and didn’t always feel comfortable with the space, and understandably, the stereotypical spa has a very forced atmosphere in my opinion. I opened a place that’s gender neutral and tried to follow the style of a (very clean) old fashioned home office. We don’t ask people to whisper or play silly “soothing” elevator music. Our goal is to educate the client and offer a place where we can always be straight forward about our services and product. We also offer information about shaving and facial hair, both have a big impact on skin conditions. We’re petrochemical and SLS free, two cheap filler ingredients I can’t in good conscience sell. I strive to offer a happy work place so people walk into a welcoming happy atmosphere to help relax.


What brought you Vend into your life? 

Vend was highly recommended online, I found the interface generally straight forward and not intimidating to my less technological inclined staff. A huge selling point to me was the fact I could create my product lists for sales from home while we were in renovations, so when we opened I could just pop open my laptop and all the information was there. I’ve worked places where they created their system in a rush, then never had time to redo it, so lots of time is wasted when cashing out customers desperately searching for whatever ridiculous misspelled keywords were used to describe the product. I’ve also been at social gatherings raving about a products, then someone asks how much it is and I can look it up on my cellphone while speaking to them.

Do you have any words of wisdom for new Venders? 

Unclench but think strategically when you have the time. It’s really easy to not take the time to set up systems that are approachable for anyone you hire (like having a place to put everything, back up plans for when things break down etc.) and to tell your employees to just “ask you”. In a bind this can really blow up in your face. Write lists and take notes of things you’ve rushed through getting done but need to be organized to the point on the off chance it needs to be taken care and you’re not around, it’s approachable. Delegating the little things eliminates a lot of stress.

– Eliss Halina, Owner / goddess of all things beauty, Saul’s Beauty Shop


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