Vender of the Week: The Shelter

Who: The Shelter

Where: Auckland, New Zealand

Right at home in Ponsonby, Auckland, The Shelter is the brainchild of renowned New Zealand fashion designer Vicki Taylor. It brings together unique ranges of fashion brands from around the world, everything from Christchurch’s Monday’s Child to MM6 by Parisian label Maison Margiela. And they also happen to share their retail space with another Vend customer, Blend. We talked to manager Jade Smythe, to find out what The Shelter is all about, and why they started using Vend right from the get-go.

The Shelter

Tell us a little bit about how you got started and what you’re all about?

The Shelter is a new concept store envisioned by New Zealand designer Vicki Taylor. It is a shared contemporary space of like-minded, design-led brands that create a relaxed artistic experience for the discerning shopper. Located at 78 Mackelvie Street in Ponsonby, The Shelter houses a carefully curated selection of new and established brands, both from New Zealand and abroad. All the brands at The Shelter complement each other with a directional uniqueness. The majority of brands manufacture in their own country. Vicki Taylor has had the concept for The Shelter for many years, and was waiting for the right location and time to present itself for her to realise her vision.

I worked for Vicki while I was completing my degree in Fashion Design, before going overseas. When I made my way back to New Zealand I found out about Vicki Taylor & Mark Thomson’s amazing concept store called The Shelter and contacted them to let them know that I was more than interested in becoming a part of it. They agreed, and I’ve been managing the store since it opened in September.

How did The Shelter get started with Vend?

Taylor Boutique brought me to Vend. They have recently adopted the system across their five retail boutiques, including The Shelter.

The Shelter 2

What does Vend help you with the most?

I love how easy the system is to use. The logical functions mean that we do not need heaps of training, and my staff can pick it up quickly.

Lastly, do you have any advice for new retailers?

Any new managers using Vend should play around with the reporting tools. They are great and super easy to use! Vend is very user friendly…just take some time to get to know the system.

– Jade Smythe, Manager, The Shelter

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