Vender of the Week: Shoes Feet Gear


Who: Shoes Feet Gear

Where: Brisbane, Australia

Why we love Shoes Feet Gear:

Shoes Feet Gear is a fitness retail and podiatry clinic based in Brisbane, Australia. Along with an enormous range of shoes (so awesome they’ll make you want to sign up for a marathon on the spot), they also are equipped with some of the best advice in town. Whether you’re over-striding, not running tall enough, or have no idea what either of those mean – the team at Shoes Feet Gear are there to help with all of your fitness queries.

What brought Shoes Feet Gear and Vend together?

We are a unique store concept that combines specialty retail with podiatry medical services and we needed a simple yet flexible solution for our POS and stock management. The simple integrations make it easy to tailor solutions to our unique and changing situations. Integrations with accounting, reporting, loyalty, mailing and anything else you can imagine makes managing our business seamless and accurate.

Do you have any words of wisdom to new retailers in the New Year?

Have a point of difference with what you offer. In tough conditions, customers need to see value in what you offer and a reason to talk about you.

Do you have a handy Vend tip you’ve learnt along the way?

Suppliers can normally give you their barcode information and this can be imported directly into Vend, saving mountains of time.

– Peter Charles, Podiatrist (that’s keeping you on your toes), Shoes Feet Gear

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