Vender of the Week: Superior Pecans & Gifts

Who: Superior Pecans & Gifts

What: Superior Pecan, Gift, Gourmet Coffee, and Candy Store

Where: Eufaula, Alabama, USA

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Can you tell us a little bit about how you got started and what you’re all about?

Superior Pecans & Gifts was founded in 1934, and taken over by the Shoffit family in 2011. The original owner, Mr. Hugh Sparks, focused on pecan processing by purchasing the nut from locals for distribution across the country. Today, Superior Pecans supplies the world with not only gifts, gourmet coffee, and candies, but superior pecans – the gem of the South.

Our staple product, the Pecan Handstack, takes about 45 minutes to complete. We make nearly 1,000 every holiday season. The handstackers, affectionately known as ‘the Nut Ladies’, have been with the business since it was owned by Mr. Sparks. There are three, with the oldest being 86-years-old, who all love sharing stories with our customers about when the business first began.

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What’s your local community like?

A small town with less than 15,000 people founded in the days of the Civil War, Eufaula has a rich history and is the epitome of southern charm. Antebellum homes, oaks, and pecan trees line the streets. Buildings from the early 1800s are scattered across the downtown area housing restaurants, boutiques, and of course, Superior Pecans! The friendly locals love fishing and barbeques.

What brought you to Vend and how have you found it? Would you recommend Vend to retailers like you?

We discovered Vend a few years ago while scouring the internet in search of a simple POS system. Superior Pecans was rebuilding at the time and we decided everything needed to be revamped. Vend and Shopify helped us achieve just that!

The simplicity of Vend is perfect for our employees and any size business. We use it everywhere we go, and have already spread the good news to other retailers visiting our store.

What does your passion come from for what you do?

Eufaula is a part of history, as is Superior Pecans. The store was once in a former blacksmith shop from the early 1800s, but now we’re in an uptown location that’s easier to find. Locals and tourists come from all over to find out more about our store and unique products, especially the Pecan Handstack. The customer’s smile is still our favorite part of the day. They make work feel like home!

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Do you have any advice for retailers that you wish you’d known?

Setting up a new POS system can be confusing, so make sure to put time aside to focus on setting up properly. Have your systems prepared and close your store for a day. And communicate with Vend support staff, we found them happy to answer our questions to make sure everything was running smoothly.

What’s your best retail tale?

Our customer stories are endless, but the best tales come from working with other businesses. We’re constantly joining up with fellow business owners in the community to promote shopping small before heading to the big department stores.

This year, Superior Pecans along with other local businesses sponsored a Christmas rendition of the Nutcracker by a dance studio located in Central Florida. The event was free to the community and brought Christmas cheer to the county. Working with the community to make it a place residents are proud to call home is what makes small business worth it.

Samples, smiles and customer service! Have you stopped and seen us today? #shoplocal #superiorpecans

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